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Wazzat Fashion

Visual search engine tools for fashion e-commerce

Mobile Search

See something you like ? Capture it and shop for similar outfits instantly on your favorite stores.

Parametric apparel search

Customize your search with unique appearance based parameters for apparels - Color, pattern, style or a combination of these.


Extremely light-weight and fast search, efficient even on low-end mobile devices with minimal bandwidth consumption.

Visual Recognition APIs

E-commerce stores can integrate our widgets into their own mobile or website by copy-pasting a few lines of code.

Mobile SDK

Easy integration on mobile apps to enable instant search by snapping/selecting a photo.

Value adds

Our SDK/APIs are customized to enterprise needs addressing key problems in data, engagement and personalization.

Wazzat powers apps with visual context, enabling easy access to the right content. With Wazzat, your app is more likely to understand your user's query/interests. Wazzat Fashion is built for tireless fashion-hungry shoppers to find the right product on their favorite stores resulting in faster checkouts.

Our Team

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Dr C.V Jawahar

Advisor HoD at Computer Vision Lab,
IIIT-H Computer Vision, Machine Learning Expert

Prashanth Meka

Advisor CEO, AksharSpeech Ex-COO,
Incubation Center, IIIT-H

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